Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I had the opportunity to visit Northern Italy in November. The weather was surprisingly fine!

Sirmione is a lovely peninsula on Lake Garda, way up in the North of Italy. It is well-known (at least to Classicists) for Catullus' poem 31. It's a celebration of the beauty of Sirmio and the joys of homecoming after a stressful year in Syria.

Verona was a city with a wonderful mix of Roman and Medieval architecture. About a meter below the Medieval buildings and roads lie Roman roads. The large amphitheater still hosts operas. This blend of the modern living out of the ancient was fascinating. Drinking a late night coffee under the Roman Gate, a gathering spot for local Veronese, was a particular pleasure. On the outskirts of the city are fortifications and government buildings built by the Austrians (I think) around the time of WWI.

I flew ryanair out of Bergamo.

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